[HCS-D] activities tomorrow (Thursday)

Matt Gline gline at fas.harvard.edu
Wed May 25 23:48:31 EDT 2005

And, in case 2 emails in 10 minutes wasn't enough to bother you, here's
another! Tomorrow (Thursday - unless you read this in the next 10
minutes or so that'll be today) HCS will have an esteemed visitor
around, one Britt Bolen of recent NetApp acquisition fame. He'll be
bumming around HCS answering storage related questions from about 1
until about 4:30, and then in the evening at about 7 we're taking him
out to dinner. He had suggested a barbecue place which is fine with me
(he also reads this list so he can chime in and correct me if I'm wrong)
but we'll work out the details in the afternoon... at any rate, save the
time and come hang out and eat. I'll send another email with
even-more-detailed specifics but feel free to let me know if you'll be
eating with us, so that I have a general sense of how many there'll be.



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