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I was just noticing this for Perspective, but it occured to me that it
would be good for posterity's sake if hcs dumped some stuff into the
university archives. Anyone have any ideas what we ought to be dumping
there? All of hcsa, perhaps... What else? A backup of public mailing
list archives? 


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Just saw this...


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I saw a copy of Perspective outside Lamont Library this morning, and was 
surprised to see it is again (?)/still (?) being published.  The University 
Archives has not received any issues of Perspective since v.19:3 (December 

The University Archives, under mandate from the Corporation, collects 
publications (among other things) produced by students at Harvard; any 
published matter bearing the university's name (either as an official 
publication or by permission) should be deposited in the Archives for 
permanent retention.  As part of that mandate, we endeavor to collect all 
issues of Perspective, as well as the Independent, Crimson, Gazette and 
other titles published at and for the university.  Our success is often 
spotty.  We have had a longstanding subscription, but since nothing has 
been received in a couple of years, we assumed Perspective had ceased 
publication.  We made some claims, but to no avail.

We should be receiving two copies of each issue, as published.  We at the 
Archives collect materials reflecting the breadth and depth of life at the
university.  You may think Widener or Lamont libraries preserve student 
newspapers; they don't.  The college libraries hold student periodicals for 
just one year; the University Archives is the only repository at Harvard 
which maintains student publications in perpetuity.

Issues may be sent to my attention at the University Archives, Pusey 
Library, Harvard Yard.

Any backfile to January 2002 which you can send would be gratefully 
received and added to the Archives' permanent collection.

Thank you for your kind assistance in this matter.


...Lewis Day

Lewis Brian Day
Harvard University Archives
Pusey Library
Cambridge, MA  02138
617.495.2461 - phone
617.495.8011 - fax

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