[HCS-D] Summer Access

Yves T. Wang ytwang at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue May 17 12:54:05 EDT 2005

Summer is just around the corner and when it comes, normal IDs won't work on
the door to Thayer Basement.  So, as usual, Yard Ops will issue white cards
for access to the HCS Office.  If you're going to be around for the summer,
or even part of it, please let me know.

To get a white card, I'll need to have your HUID including the 9th digit and
your affiliation with Harvard (grad, undergrad, other).  Please email me
with this information.  If you don't want to send this information over
email, I'll be in the HCS Office Thursday morning for the scheduled downtime
as well as on Monday for Office Hours.


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