[HCS-D] PyCon: questions

Geoffrey Goodell goodell at cassandra.eecs.harvard.edu
Thu May 12 15:39:02 EDT 2005

On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 02:27:29PM -0400, Matt Gline wrote:
> As far as smaller rooms, Maxwell Dworkin is not the way to go. Use the
> science center. It has lecture halls and class rooms of all sizes,

MD has small and medium-sized lecture halls.

>                                                                    is
> literally 50 yards from Sanders,

While I would not characterize the distance to MD as "negligible", it is
not ridiculously far away, either.  However, it is important to note
that conferences are often about attracting people to cool stuff because
it is conveniently colocated.  If this were not the case, then why not
just use the web?  Seriously, holding some events in MD and more than
one or two in Sanders would encourage some people to just punt, since
walking is inconvenient.

>                                  has the Greenhouse,

Generally any serious conference at Harvard is catered.  MD is just as
easily catered as the Science Center.  "Lunch on your own at the
Greenhouse" is tacky as all hell.  Providing lunch to attendees limits
the value of the Greenhouse.

>                                                      has wireless
> already

I am pretty sure that MD wireless has been configured in the past to not
require registration.

>         and all kinds of good stuff. Also, we'd almost certainly be able
> to get rooms there, in whatever size and number we needed. That place is
> full of rooms.

Admittedly this is an argument in favor of the conference, but it would
be nice to have more precise figures regarding expected room


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