[HCS-D] PyCon: questions

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu May 12 14:40:25 EDT 2005

Matt Gline wrote:
> Re: Sanders: it can certainly display laptop presentations, though I
> think you might have to hire the AV guys if you want to use the screen.
> Still, that can't cost *that* much. 

In that case, we'll want to get price quotes from the AV guys on
projection equipment rental, AND the per-hour cost of having one of
their guys come out and tape+digitize the talks.

It's not likely we'll make use of the latter, but it's not wholly
implausible, either. The RFP mentions people would be trying to record
talks on their own -- we'd really shine if we could just offer the
organizers to have the entire conference professionally taped and
digitized. I bet they'd cover the associated costs if they were reasonable.

Can someone request a quote on these?

> but we can probably add our own access points and make it so - I
> can't imagine there'd be any real problem with this. 

So there are at least a few network jacks? I have a WRT54g+WSB signal
booster that could flood that place with connectivity goodness.

> It has lecture halls and class rooms of all sizes, is
> literally 50 yards from Sanders, has the Greenhouse, has wireless
> already and all kinds of good stuff.

Hmm. I'm not sure I'm convinced. The problem with the Science Center is
that it's shittily lit, ugly and gloomy - I know I was happy to leave
the lecture hall after my 1.5hr lecture there. MD115+MD125 also already
have wireless, and I imagine Greenhouse doesn't work over break.

Actually, regarding already having wireless, I think that's actually
deceiving: I believe we won't be able to use it (for reasons I outlined
in the previous thread), so setting up our own will be necessary.

> Also, we'd almost certainly be able
> to get rooms there, in whatever size and number we needed. That place is
> full of rooms.

That's a point I'll buy, but I'd still *really* prefer MD over SC; can
we at least look into the availability and fees of MD?

> Reserving Sanders apparently also gives us access to four small (very
> small) classrooms in the basement of Loker which we could use for
> whatever we like - probably not good for much more than serving coffee
> to speakers, though, and storing equipment and things like that. 

Yep, that's exactly what we'll want to do with them. Quiet room,
equipment storage, refreshments, that sort of business.

Hear you at 6?


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