[HCS-D] PyCon: questions

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu May 12 14:22:35 EDT 2005

Here are some valid questions from the chair. I wanted to run these past
people before answering him. My comments are inline with his (quoted)

[Talking about Sanders]
> However, I'm worried about whether it's well suited for a technical
> conference, as opposed to a concert or play; has it been used for
> conferences before? 

I believe there have been conferences in Sanders - does anyone know?

> Is the hall set up for displaying laptop
> presentations, for example? 

Having not taken Ec10, I have no idea whether Feldstein showed slides.
Can someone confirm that a laptop can be hooked up and projected in Sanders?

> 	* PyCon needs three large rooms plus two or three smaller
> 	  rooms; are there multiple halls and classrooms in the
> 	  building?  Dividing the conference among several buildings
> 	  is probably bad; people will spend a lot of time running
> 	  back and forth.

What's the situation like with Loker? I know there are plenty of small
rooms - what about medium? If not, I really don't feel bad about
getting, say, MD115 and MD125 as the two 'smaller rooms'. The walking
distance is negligible. If there is concensus that we should go with MD,
we should move on it pretty fast, however.

You know what, my vote is for MD115+MD125 regardless of whether Loker
has medium rooms available -- Loker is a much more enjoyable location to
spend 3-7 days than the dungeons of Loker Castle.

> 	* Is there wireless or wired Internet access available nearby?

Last I checked, Loker had wifi coverage, but I never tried it from
above-ground. Can someone verify?


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