[HCS-D] HCS/Harvard hosting PyCon 2006?

Matt Gline gline at fas.harvard.edu
Thu May 12 10:40:53 EDT 2005

So I just spoke with Ruth at the Memorial Hall/Lowell Hall complex, who
is in charge of event reservation for Sanders. HCS is currently
pencilled in for 3/27, 3/28, and 3/29. She gave me some information
about fees but by the look of them they're a lot less than anyone was
paying for use of a hotel. She said we need to speak with the Deans
office because it's during break and things like that, but all immediate
signs indicate it's a go...


On Thu, May 12, 2005 at 04:02:00PM +0200, Ivan Krstic wrote:
> myke cuthbert wrote:
> > Getting Sanders Theater for 3 solid days from 9-6 would be
> > impossible.  But if only 550 people are expected, I can't see why it
> > would be needed.  
> Agreed. I will follow up on this.
> > if they allow [wireless access] for short periods, since this is
> > likely to be important to attendees.
> If they don't, it's a show stopper, as outlined in the RFP (see one of
> my previous e-mails). Getting permission for 600 people to use the
> existing infrastructure, however, won't happen. The easiest way to go
> about this is to get permission from HASCS to set up several of our own
> access points (PyCON will provide these), have them do NAT, and register
> their MAC addresses with netconnect via one of our personal FAS
> accounts. Conference attendees would then be provided the WEP-128 key in
> their registration materials.
> Mind you, when I went to SpamConference 2005 at MIT and connected to
> their wireless network, I was given a menu that allowed me to choose
> whether I was an MIT affiliate, or a visitor. Upon selecting 'visitor',
> I was given full network access for 24 hours in a bandwidth-limited
> class that also seemed to be dropping outgoing packets to port 25. In
> other words, it'd have been hard for me to leech bandwidth or send spam,
> but I was reading my mail and browsing the web at high speeds. If MIT
> can do this, I'm not sure why HASCS can't. But that's a whole different
> battle.
> > Would HCS have to handle hotels and other such stuff? 
> No. Please read the thread start message.
> > The resources of Harvard and MIT should also be able to bring in some
> > interesting guest speakers.
> Quite.
> > (It's a little bigger than I'd suggest for a first conference though.
> > Any chance of hosting something at that time for 100-200 attendees and
> > going for PyCon 2007?)
> No. PyCON is looking for a home for the next few years; if we do a
> decent job, they'll be here up to 2007 or 2008. That, in my opinion,
> would be a fantastic situation for everyone involved.
> Ivan.
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