[HCS-D] HCS/Harvard hosting PyCon 2006?

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed May 11 23:23:11 EDT 2005

Matthew Stuart Fasman wrote:
> Would anyone
> like to sit down tomorrow evening, say at 8:30 in HCS office, to talk
> about the logistics?

That's 2:30 AM CEST. Assuming this won't be the last such meeting, and
given that it's probably good for me to be present (unless you guys want
to take over completely), I suggest we simply use the Skype conference
call feature and voice-meet a bit earlier tomorrow.

Is this acceptable? If so, please install Skype if you haven't got it
already, and post your Skype screen name to the list along with a
proposed time for a meeting.


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