[HCS-D] HCS/Harvard hosting PyCon 2006?

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed May 11 15:33:53 EDT 2005

Cassia Ines Faria Martin wrote:
> but scheduling rooms will be *hard*, if
> it will happen during class times.

This is my biggest concern. I just received the written RFP, which I'm
quoting at the end of this mail. From my reply to the PyCon chair:

> As far as dates go, LinuxWorld Expo Boston takes place Apr3-6, so it's
> worth thinking about whether having PyCon and LWE back-to-back would be
> smart. LWE does bring in quite a bit of hackers from overseas, a good
> number of which are surely Pythonistas.
> The only potentially show-stopping concern I have is scheduling around
> classes. It might be necessary to begin the conference on a Saturday
> morning, such that at least the first two days happen when class is not
> in session.

Please read the RFP below and comment away.


> Meeting Name 	PyCon 2006
> Org /Company 	Python Software Foundation
> # of Attendees  550
> Duration:  Monday through Saturday
> Dates are flexible -- any week within February or March, and possibly
> even April, would be considered. We would have 3 days with peak
> attendance, estimated to be around 550 people, and 4 days of more
> specialized activities that would require less function space and
> attract around 50-100 people.
> Function space usage
> -------------------------
> Days 1-3 (formal conference)
> Plenary Room (9AM-6PM)  600 people, theatre
> Track 2 (9AM-6PM)       250 people, theatre
> Track 3 (9AM-6PM)       150 people, theatre
> Sprint room 1 (9AM-7PM)  50 people, conference
> Sprint room 2 (9AM-7PM)  50 people, conference
> Quiet room (9AM-7PM)     50 people, conference
> Days 4-7 (sprints)
> Sprint room 1 (9AM-7PM) 50 people, conference
> Sprint room 2 (9AM-7PM) 50 people, conference
> The plenary rooms and track 2/3 rooms are only needed for the formal
> conference. The sprint rooms would be used for the duration of the
> formal conference and for four days afterward.
> We would also need some overnight storage space to keep registration
> materials, equipment. etc.
> Additional comments
> ----------------------
> PyCon is a volunteer-run software development conference. 2006 will be
> the fourth PyCon. Previous attendance figures: 250 attendees (2003),
> 340 (2004), 430 (2005). We're estimating 550-600 attendees for the
> 2006 conference. The three previous conferences were all held at GWU
> in Washington DC, but the conference has now outgrown this space,
> which can only handle around 400 people; the expected 2006 attendance
> won't fit. We're looking for a new home for at least two conferences,
> 2006 and 2007 (possibly 2008 as well).
> The formal conference lasts three days; this is when attendance is at
> its peak. For three or four days after the conference, we run
> unstructured activities (the sprints) that attract around 100 people;
> we'd therefore book two or three smaller rooms for this period. We'd
> book a small room the day before the conference for set-up.
> For the three days of the formal conference, we'd arrange for box
> lunches, morning/afternoon snacks for attendees, and a buffet-style
> continental breakfast (quantities to be set once registration numbers
> are known).  For the four days of sprints, we'd just want water to be
> available; attendees will have to figure out lunch/dinner on their
> own.
> Because our attendees are software developers, system administrators,
> etc., Internet connectivity is very important. We could use
> facility-provided wireless service, or arrange to run our own wireless
> access points on top of the facility's wired network. Network service
> can be available throughout all the conference rooms, or restricted to
> the sprint rooms.
> Volunteers will also be attempting to record talks in both audio and
> video form using their own equipment. It would be convenient if we
> could plug into the venue's mixing board or other sound system in order
> to produce better-quality recordings. Otherwise, A/V requirements are
> relatively simple: SVGA projectors that can work with laptops, and
> microphones for speakers. The presentations themselves don't feature
> audio.
> We must keep the costs for our attendees low, and are willing to work
> with you to lower costs, changing the selected dates if necessary.  We
> are open to providing catering for our attendees, as long as the
> resulting costs don't raising our registration cost over $175.

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