[HCS-D] HCS/Harvard hosting PyCon 2006?

Ivan Krstic krstic at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed May 11 13:57:14 EDT 2005

Matt Gline wrote:
> Vericon certainly had registration fees, so I expect PyCon could do
> the same.

Certainly, but the lower the better. I want to know what Harvard's base
fee is.

> I don't know much about logistics but I'm all for trying this out.

Great. I've done a fair bit of logistics, so I don't expect it to be too
problematic -- but, I obviously am not in a (physical) position to go
and talk to the administration about this.

> When in the year does PyCon take place?

I truncated the very last bit of the message that I forwarded by
mistake. To quote:

>> A PyCon conference in Spring 2006 now seems unlikely; it'll have to
>> be pushed back to the autumn.

If we can get the most basic legwork done soon (inasfar as just getting
a green light from the administration), we stand a chance of getting the
conference back on track for the Spring, which seems optimal even with
the added organizational burden. Otherwise, we can aim for the Fall.


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