[HCS-D] [qusuper@fas.harvard.edu: You have received a package!]

Matt Gline gline at fas.harvard.edu
Wed May 11 13:27:29 EDT 2005

Well, ladies and gents, most of you probably know what this is but for
those that don't, a few hints:

1) It weighs 70 lbs
2) It was shipped from Virginia
3) It's a NetApp Filer.

I'd like some help at some point in the next few days carting this up to
the office and plugging it in so we can figure out how it works and
start thinking about how we want to set it up. Takers for when and

I'd also like to publicly thank Britt again for his help in procuring
this wonderful machine - and for coming up (as he is in two weeks) in
part to help us get it set up!


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From: Quincy House Superintendent <qusuper at fas.harvard.edu>
Date: Wed, 11 May 2005 12:59:42 -0400 (EDT)
To: gline at fas.harvard.edu
Subject: You have received a package!

Dear Matthew,

You have just received a package in the Quincy Package Room. Please come by at your earliest convenience to pick it up. Note: this will be the only notification of the package. 

Quincy House Building Manager & Mail Center

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