[HCS-D] HASCS network policy notes

Geoffrey Goodell goodell at cassandra.eecs.harvard.edu
Tue May 3 16:12:05 EDT 2005

Just so that we have a record, I wanted to share some notes that I
collected from the meeting with HASCS network engineers last week
regarding network policy.

1. ICMP will be restored this term.

2. DDNS will be restored within one month of the meeting (i.e. three
weeks from now).

3. Traffic shaping from FAS student residential networks for TCP/UDP
ports greater than 1024 presently takes the following form:

- One 20 Mb/s channel carrying data to commercial ISPs (via Qwest or

- One 20 Mb/s channel carrying data to Internet2 (via NOX)

- One 40 Mb/s channel carrying data to other Harvard networks

- One 1 Mb/s channel carrying data via "evil" ports (we are not certain
  which ports are considered evil, but we could probably determine this)

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