[HCS-D] fwd: Fwd: TODAY @ THE HELP DESK: Important News From Computer Services

Steven Michael Melendez melend at fas.harvard.edu
Mon May 2 17:24:58 EDT 2005

We got this in Leverett a couple of weeks ago. I actually emailed Kevin
Davis, because I was curious why they were recommending Thunderbird and
not Firefox, when Firefox is so much more superior to IE than Thunderbird
is to other email clients. He gave me a somewhat strange answer, saying
that they do actually recommend Firefox, but they don't provide a download
on their website because they have previously decided as a department not
to provide web browser images on their site. He mentioned the Firefox
launch party they held and said UAs often install Firefox on student machines.

I personally think they should more officially endorse Firefox, but it
seems they have some internal reason for not doing so. Frankly, I
think KSD was purposely obfuscating, since he obviously knows the
difference between providing a customized image of a software product and
simply endorsing it, and there's no clear reason why anyone would want a
Harvard-specific version of a web browser anyway. I see why people would
want to download Thunderbird with the mail server settings prespecified,
but who wants their browser set up with my.harvard as the home page?

Perhaps if someone who either feels more passionately about it or has closer ties to HASCS
could discuss it with them, they would change the policy, or at least
explain it more clearly.

On Mon, 2 May 2005, Gregory N. Price wrote:

> Interesting.  Note especially
>     FAS Computer Services is now offering Mozilla Thunderbird as our
>     recommended email client for students. Thunderbird is friendly, easy to
>     install, and easy to use.
> and more subtly
>     5) The new FAS recommended email client:
>     6) The name of an alternative Web browser also made by Mozilla:
> Is this mailing new, or has my house office just never bothered to pass it on?
> 		Gregory

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