[Fwd: Re: [HCS-D] HCS web: As seen on MTV Extreme Makeovers]

myke cuthbert cuthbert at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Jul 31 11:19:29 EDT 2005

The shield (as Dave Alpert said) was mine, but it's a combination of
ideas from a shield he made (with the 1's and 0's); my main
contribution was using disks instead of books.  I sent over all my old
hcs files recently so all the old .psd's should be available.

I rather like the one-time use shield of 
which we put on T-shirts back in 1998.  

Of course disks were already obsolete by 1998 and the ethernet cord
might not last, but it's good to know one's roots.  :)

Man I don't check this folder enough.

btw -- people working on the web should make sure they have Cindy
Alvarez's super old web files (1995 or 96 or so) -- in many ways they
were among the most beautiful things ever on the site.  I don't think
it would be bad if they returned in some form.

The HCS used to attract a lot more graphic designers -- good people to
have around.  if nothing else, for enforcing society dress codes.



> Matthew Stuart Fasman wrote:
> >so I think we should keep the [logo] we have.
> Yeah, except the one we have is fugly. If someone can make a clean, pretty
> one, or track down the vector files for the present one, we can keep it.
> Otherwise, it's gone.
> Incidentally, I like the shield in the middle of this page a lot:
>  http://www.hcs.harvard.edu/~alumni/hcsmag.cgi
> but I think we have no way of getting our hands on the original files 
> for that
> one.

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