[HCS-D]url brevity (fwd: Re: URGENT HRC list)

Philip Zeyliger philz at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 23 17:02:46 EST 2004

> If people think it'd be beneficial, and if there's no risk that I'm not
> thinking of associated with this, it should be very easy to write a 3
> line perl script that'll create these aliases for every user on hcs.

I bet you could get mod_rewrite or some other Apache behemoth crap
to do it.

I would not make this the default behavior for users; just student groups.
(i.e., I would prefer not to have http://hcs/philz at all, but that
might be just idiosyncratic me)

If we had DNS control, group.hcs.harrvard.edu/www.group.hcs.harvard.edu would
be ideal, since then you can do much more group-by-group Apache configuration
(one of the hurdles of getting PHP to run as user was that most of the stuff
out there to do it was per virtual-domain), and you can separate logs by user
which can be very handy.

		-- Phil

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