[HCS-D]url brevity

myke cuthbert cuthbert at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 21 21:24:33 EST 2004

This seems like an excellent plan.  If you need another reason:
Italian keyboards (and some other European) have no ~ on them.  It
can't be typed without the Alt+0xxx trick on windows.  It used to be
when I needed to go to my home page (where I had stuck a java ssh
client), I would go to hcs.harvard.edu/acctserv, which would redirect
to ~acctserv, where I could copy the ~ to the clipboard for further


> The broader lesson is that we should give our users nicer URLs too.
> Say,
>   hcs.harvard.edu/mygroup
> rather than
>   hcs.harvard.edu/~mygroup
> .  (MIT does a variant of this; web.mit.edu/username is your home
> directory, and web.mit.edu/username/www your by-convention actual web
> directory.)
> Better yet,
>   mygroup.hcs.harvard.edu

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