[HCS-D]long-term planning

Britt Bolen bb at eludicate.com
Tue Dec 21 12:25:34 EST 2004

On Dec 21, 2004, at 11:16 AM, Matt Gline wrote:

> 1) I think HCS should move its home directory storage out of frog. My
> gut intuition is that the expense of a netapp filer is, if we can cover
> it with grants or other sources of revenue, worthwhile because they are
> truly awesome devices.

Can't argue with you here :)  I'm not sure what sort of hardware I can 
get you guys, but I'll look... What is your machine room situation 
these days?  Did HCS move it's machines up to EECS or DEAS?  I would 
not recommend running a filer in the HCS office in Thayer.  They are 
loud, very loud.  How much storage do you think you need?

> 2) I think HCS should move towards a kerberized environment. We've
> talked about this before, there's some disagreement and it's fallen off
> the radar but I think we should put it back on. AFS is really very 
> cool,

Just speaking from a 'real world' perspective as a storage geek, AFS is 
dead. Dead dead dead dead, dead.
Dead.  Nobody uses it.  It is so dead netapp is more interested in 
working with NetWare customers (via iSCSI) than AFS customers.  NFSv4 
is where the interest and investment seems to be today.  NFSv4 over an 
RDMA interconnect (such as Infiniband) is also something people are 
working on.  Note, I didn't say AFS wasn't cool, just dead.
Britt Bolen, '00, practitioner of esoteric scsi stuff at netapp
bb at eludicate.com

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