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Matt Gline gline at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 21 09:08:17 EST 2004

Incidentally, I think I would be breaking no hard or fast rule by breaking
the news that Greg was not the only one elected last night. In fact, we
also elected a whole slate of exceptional candidates, including a handsome
crimson columnist with a penchant for thinly veiled self-referential

To that end, here are the results of last night's proceedings:

1) Greg was, as he was so proud to announce, elected HCS President
effective at the start of spring term.

2) In case you missed the thinly veiled self-referential compliment in
the first paragraph of this email, I was elected project manager,
effective on the same date.

3) Steve Melendez was elected communications manager, effective the day
before the start of second semester thanks to a weird quirk on the HCS
constitution. Actually, that's a lie. Rather, just the bit about the
effective date. He really was elected.

4) Yves was elected Business manager, with the caveat that someone else
will have to offer up their cell phone each week if Pizza is to be

5) Matt Fasman was elected Membership Manager, an explicit nod to the
fact that he really is the most social and personable of the bunch of

6) Ivan was appointed Security Manager for HCS. So maybe now we'll have
some. Security, that is.

7) Mike joined the manager team. I've run out of pithy remarks. Which is
good, because they haven't been funny anyway.

8) We would have elected Bobby Fisher to be member at large, but
apparently they now know where he is. What gives? (See my previous
remark about the unfunniness of my remarks)

In all seriousness, I'm excited to be working this year with what looks
like a truly fantastic bunch of individuals, both on and off the board.
And I promise, as project manager, I will ensure that the Canaday
Buildings are no longer the most substantial projects in the yard, or
something like that.

Before I offend too many people, and before I'm more than 6 minutes late
to the dress rehearsal of the first performance for First Nights, I'll
sign off. 

Cheers to all, and have a great break!


On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 08:15:20AM -0500, Gregory Price wrote:
>   On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 12:47:03AM -0500, Gregory Price wrote:
>       - We've said a lot about what groups want, Matt points out, based on
>       our limited anecdotal evidence.  We should go ask them.
>       A mail to house lists inviting input is in order.  So is talking to
>       individual groups and emailing them, and asking the UC and the
>       Student Activities Office for help.
> But step one is to see the requests we already get.  I've added Steve
> and Ivan to as-outgoing, so they get copied each outgoing mail from
> acctserv, and hence also the request that prompted it.  
> Everyone else is welcome to listen too; let me know and I'll add you.
> And step two is to see the requests as they enter rather than as they
> exit, and to see firsthand what it takes to deal with each kind of
> request; i.e., to answer acctserv email.  So we'll get some more of
> you doing that before long...
>                 Gregory
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