[HCS-D]some office hours preliminaries

Matt Gline gline at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Dec 19 23:35:03 EST 2004

This my usual "here's what I'd like to get done during office hours"
email will by far shorter than usual because tomorrow, as you hopefully
well know, is not just any old normal office hours session: Tomorrow is
the annual HCS board election. If the race for the nation's presidency
taught us any one message, it's that every vote counts, particularly
if you live in Ohio. In deference to the technophobia of our members
HCS has not adopted a touch-screen voting system despite the horrible
partial-hand-raising problems we had in our 2000 elections ("I swear
he was just scratching his forehead! Recount!") so all y'all (where
"all y'all" is defined as "the subset of y'all who are current active
HCS members") best make an appearance and help us figure out who our
fearless leaders will be in the coming year, and hopefully lay out some
broad sweeping generalizations about where we'd like to wind up.

Once that's all through and done with, if there's any time we'll return
to the normal business of running a reasonably heavily used campus-wide
web server and answer two important related questions:

1) What the hell happened on Saturday night?


2) Backups?

As usual (or so I imagine) Pizza will be served. If you come to any one
HCS meeting this term, tomorrow *might not* be the best choice. If you
come to any three, however, you best damn well make tomorrow one of them

Cheers and I hope you're all having a good end-of-term,


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