[HCS-D]talk about a different era...

myke cuthbert cuthbert at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Dec 17 13:57:29 EST 2004

> > Have a look at the specs for this old hcs system (which is I think not
> > actually so old... I think it's the one we just moved off of last
> > year...) - noting in particular the last bit of information on the page
> > :) Brazilians or none, our security has surely improved since
> > 1996 or whatever.

> Hmmm - with no offense intended to the illustrious alumni on this list,
> of course :) 

...who put "bubbles" up there as a joke (which was not actually the
root password...)  not that HCS didn't get lots of emails from people
saying, "Ohmygod you shouldn't put your root password there".  :)

sniff...i miss those old/ web pages...

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