[HCS-D]firefox followup

Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 14 15:31:00 EST 2004

Regarding trying to convince FASCS to put out an announcement urging 
people to use Firefox, I suspect the following article might be a strong 
point in our argument:

[http://] chronicle.com/weekly/v51/i17/17a00101.htm

The link is broken intentionally, since it requires a subscription, 
which I don't have. But here's the headline:

'More than half of colleges are spending a greater portion of their 
information-technology budgets this year to protect their computer 
networks from intrusions, a survey has found. (The Chronicle of Higher 

We could probably give a case for why it's in the best interest of FASCS 
to get more people using Firefox. Now, can anyone get there hands on the 
full text of that article?


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