[HCS-D]Re: [HCS]Announce for week of Dec. 12, 2004

Gregory N. Price gprice at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Dec 13 01:37:59 EST 2004

  On Sun, Dec 12, 2004 at 11:15:50PM -0500, Yves T. Wang wrote:
    (2) Elections

    To run for a position on the Executive Board, a person must have either
    attended at least two regular meetings, or have been involved with HCS in
    some other way.

Who's this exception intended to cover?

Its vagueness makes me want to remove it; if there's some particular
person/situation we want to cover, we should cover it specifically,
and if there isn't then the only thing this provision can do is give
us a case where we're not sure whether to permit someone to vote.

    (4) Projects Moved
    General project information will be moved to hcs-discuss.  To sign up to
    this list, go to http://lists.hcs.harvard.edu/mailman/listinfo/mailman and
    fill out the form.
    Important project information that affects the services that HCS provides
    will still be announced in the weekly hcs-announce emails.

Brilliant idea.


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