[HCS-D]Re: new student group

Ivan Krstic krstic at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 8 16:05:54 EST 2004

Gregory N. Price wrote:
> I'm not sure what `tagging-based' is supposed to mean, but the
> approach used by SpamAssassin certainly isn't false-positive-proof.

Right. I was referring to the fact that SA/CRM114 'tag' mail headers 
with a spam index, and then let user-side software deal with it 
(procmail) rather than rejecting mail outright - the RBL approach - at 
the MTA level. This means the user can pick how strict she wants to be 
by editing her procmailrc, and the worst case scenario is that she'll 
wind up with a false positive filed away in the spam mailbox by 
procmail, from where it's still retrievable. In the FASCS case, a hard 
bounce is generated, and the mail never even gets close to the intended 


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