[HCS-D]Re: new student group

Gregory N. Price gprice at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Dec 8 15:25:29 EST 2004

  On Wed, Dec 08, 2004 at 12:59:32AM -0500, Ivan Krstic wrote:
    When migrating lists, I'd like to hook automatic virus scanning
    into the MTA; does anyone have very good reasons to the contrary?
    I propose something like the following:
    Postfix -> Clamav [1] -> CRM114 [2] -> user mailbox.

Sounds good, as long as 

  - it's not so slow as to give problems;

  - it's on a permissive enough setting to avoid false positives.

I don't know how fast CRM114 is, but SpamAssassin takes roughly a
second, which can be made something like a quarter-second with spamd.

We process about two thousand list posts daily; four thousand messages
aimed at Mailman; and a hundred thousand total messages.  So just
examining the two thousand should be no strain.

 toad$ bzcat /var/log/maillog.0.bz2 | wc -l
 toad$ bzcat /var/log/maillog.0.bz2 | grep -c /home/mailman/mail/mailman
 toad$ bzcat /var/log/maillog.0.bz2 | grep -c '/home/mailman/mail/mailman post'

So all we have to avoid is a situation like HASCS's where some
legitimate mail with no resemblance (for a human) to spam gets blocked
for reasons like mentioning a domain whose IP address once belonged to
a spammer.


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