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Matt Gline gline at fas.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 7 01:23:32 EST 2004

Hmm. I intended to capture all that quite a bit more concisely with my
use of the word "also." But perhaps your version, while a bit wordy
when compared with mine, is a bit more articulate.


On Tue, Dec 07, 2004 at 01:14:18AM -0500, Gregory N. Price wrote:
>   On Mon, Dec 06, 2004 at 11:59:33PM -0500, Matt Gline wrote:
>     3) Steve is currently doing two things so far as I recall related to
>     this problem: 1) Finding suspect php code (though this is pretty much
>     done?) and letting users know that they're running bad code, and 2)
>     creating a list of canonical php scripts (e.g. phpBB, which happened to
>     be the broken one in this case) to recommend to our users. This way we
>     can also keep appraised of security updates to these scripts and tell
>     people running them to upgrade when vulnerabilities arise.
> There's also a more fundamental reason for this project, which isn't
> really about security.
> What HCS does is provide students with technical infrastructure to
> help them run the myriad groups and projects we Harvard students run.
> Several groups have asked just in the past six months about how they
> can set up things like a bulletin board, a file repository, or even a
> spreadsheet for multiple people to edit without emailing new versions
> back and forth.  Many more have demonstrated they want such things by
> just going and installing them.
> It's therefore quite central to what we do that we be able to tell
> these folks `sure, you want a bulletin board, here's some good
> bulletin-board software' rather than `gee, I don't know, try Googling
> for some.'
> This project is related to the TWiki, iSites, and CampusShare
> projects; we want to know what's out there for the things our users
> want, so we can give them the best infrastructure available to help
> them do the totally computer-unrelated things they actually want to do.
>                 Gregory
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