[HCS-D]Re: firefox launch party (was: Quincy Gear and Cheer)

Greg Westin westin at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 2 01:46:58 EST 2004

It wasn't much of a party.  They gave out CDs, installed it if anyone
asked, had candy... didn't live up to the hype, of which there was little.
They actually had a bunch of signs up in the Science Center, but other
than that I think publicity consisted of a couple e-mails to house lists.

I'm sorry I missed a chance at a free iPod, myself... how many people
could possibly have gone and entered?  I bet the odds were pretty good.

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On Thu, 2 Dec 2004, Ivan Krstic wrote:

> Gregory N. Price wrote:
> > Didn't hear of it until just now.  Who ran it?  Who hosted it?
> > We should indeed get in the loop.
> According to a nearby UA, it was run by FAS CS. They apparently just
> handed out CDs.
> -IK
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