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Bizarre.  I don't know whether to call this spam or not.

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Date: Fri, 26 Sep 2003 17:57:47 +0200
From: Stefano Priolo <spriolo at gujm.it>
To: info at hcs.harvard.edu
Subject: odd jobs

I¹m Stefano Priolo, an italian journalist of a popular hi-tech magazine
called ³Jack² (published in Italy by Gruner und Jahr/Mondadori). I contact
you hoping to have information helpful to an article that I¹m going to
I am searching for odd, unusual and weird jobs in technology, like Popular
Science did recently in the scientific field
(www.popsci.com/popsci/science/article/ 0,12543,484153,00.html). My goal is
to find a list of jobs and write a funny article about it, but I¹d like to
take one¹s cue from these jobs to talk about the technology behind them too.
And about the human factor in hi-tech production or software development or
anything else.
So, I¹d be very glad if you can help me in this research, in any manner. May
be giving me a list of odd jobs in your field or the contact of expert
people that can help me.
I hope to have an answer soon, even in negative case. Thank you very much in
advance for your collaboration,
kind regards

Stefano Priolo
Redazione Jack
tel. 02/76210290
e-mail: spriolo at gujm.it

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