*HCS* Web/graphic design and programming opportunity

David A. Vivero vivero at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Sep 24 16:14:14 EDT 2003

Hi all,

Just wanted to give everyone on the list a heads up on an opportunity for
programmers, graphic designers and strategists alike. I've been a member
of HCS for a while, and since forming Venture Media Group have dedicated a
portion of our operations to developing software. We don't want you to
push content on the web like most student groups; we want you to develop
exciting applications and products.

We currently have two products we are working on, with about 5 to 7 people
on staff dedicated to our online/software strategy. One opportunity is a
PHP-based enterprise support software which we intend to bring to market
in the next year. The other is VentureOnline, our web site which features
unique content and a $200K+ partnership with a content management ASP
called Atomz Corporation (www.atomz.com), which services RedHerring.com,
CBSNews.com, and AOL/Time-Warner. We hope for you to join us in creating
these products and developing strategies to make them profitable.

Please come to our first full staff meeting tonight at the Lamont Forum
Room at 9pm. Email Joe Jackson (jgjacks at fas) or me if you are interested
but cannot make it. Thanks for your time!

Kind regards,

David Vivero
Venture Media Group

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