*HCS* New O'Reilly Review Copies!

Dev Purkayastha purkayas at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Apr 20 20:28:43 EDT 2003

Check them out! We just got the following:

 Cocoa for Mac OS X
 Perl Graphics Programming
 Understanding the Linux Kernel 2.0 (*Useful for 161 acolytes!*)
 Programming Web Services in Perl
 Windows XP Pro: The Missing Manual
 Mac OS X in a Nutshell
 Using Samba, 2nd ed.
 Practical Unix & Internet Security
 Python in a Nuthsell
 VBScript in a Nutshell
 Content Synidcation with RSS

Mmm, RSS. Particularly favorite buzzword of mine. So, I will try to bring 
all these down to the HCS office next time I'm down there (i.e. office 
hours). What we need is an aggregate web page of ALL the great reference 
material we have at the office, so I'll try to get that up soon.

Want a shot at these books? Come see and HCS member, like me, or moreover, 
come to HCS Office Hours, 8-10pm this Monday.

 - dev, Membership Coordinator

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