*HCS* Re: hcs-discuss digest, Vol 1 #123 - 6 msgs

Brendan Connell bdconnel at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Jan 19 21:19:18 EST 2002

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Brendan Connell shaped the electrons to say:

> You raise a good point:  although LaTeX is nominally installed on fas,
> it doesn't seem to work!  One problem is that it can't find its own
> files. Some environment-variable magic *may* fix this, or maybe FAS
> just needs to reinstall the thing.

Aha, I found the problem.  If you can't get LaTeX to run on fas/ice, try
setting the TETEXDIR environment variable to "/usr/local/lib/teTeX".
This is the default if your shell is tcsh, but the other shells apparently
aren't all configured this way.

So yeah, LaTeX on fas/ice should work (even if it's a bit old.)


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