*HCS* Re: hcs-discuss digest, Vol 1 #123 - 6 msgs

Brendan Connell bdconnel at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Jan 19 15:39:58 EST 2002

On Sat, 19 Jan 2002, Greg Westin shaped the electrons to say:

> How do you print/view LaTeX documents in UNIX?

"latex foo.tex" produces "foo.dvi".  You can view foo.dvi with the xdvi
viewer.  (I often leave xdvi running in a window this way.)  Or you can
convert the .dvi to Postscript:  "enscript foo.dvi -o".  Once your
document's in Postscript, you can view with "gv foo.ps", or print with
"lpr -Pmyprinter foo.ps". (Replace "myprinter" with scb14_1 or scb14_2 or
scb14_3 for the Science Center basement laser printers, or pforzheimer1
for the Pfoho computer lab printer, etc.)

There's also pdflatex (sometimes installed), which produces PDF files
directly from LaTeX source.

> I guess I should look in the man pages rather than e-mailing you, but
> I didn't know FAS had TeX installed.

Hehe.  Though the man pages can be a difficult place to start.
I'd recommend checking out a good LaTeX book from Cabot library.
A little bit of reading can pay major dividends.

You raise a good point:  although LaTeX is nominally installed on fas, it
doesn't seem to work!  One problem is that it can't find its own files.
Some environment-variable magic *may* fix this, or maybe FAS just needs to
reinstall the thing.  I've emailed help at fas to see if they have any

> Or do you just mean that I should install it on my account?

As a last resort, perhaps, but I think it takes up a lot of space.  :-)


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