*HCS* Re: hcs-discuss digest, Vol 1 #122 - 6 msgs

Greg Westin westin at fas.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 18 12:22:35 EST 2002

I get the digest version, so I'm a little behind on this discussion, but 
why do you use TeX for papers, anyways?  It seems like it doesn't matter 
much how papers are formatted, so you might as well just do them in a 
word processor.  I do my physics sets and stuff in LaTeX, so that I can 
make beautiful formulas and it comes out looking exactly like the 
assignments and lecture notes we get from the professors (well, they 
will once I learn how to do diagrams and stuff a lot better, anyways), 
but it seems like such a pain to do things like blockquotes in TeX 
rather than just dragging an indent tab in Word to get it aligned 
exactly where you want.  ::shrug:: I also like the real-time display of 
what it's going to look like, rather than having to process the page 
whenever you want to see it.  But I guess I'd like to get as far away 
from Microsoft as I can, so maybe I should put a little more effort into 
learning LaTeX.

Thanks for the templates, I'll check 'em out.


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