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Virginia Beauregard beaureg at hcs.harvard.edu
Fri Jan 18 04:11:13 EST 2002

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 09:33:18PM -0500, Scott A. Golder wrote:
> Hi, HCSers.  Does anyone happen to have a good LaTeX template for writing
> papers.  Like the kind you might use for a core paper or something.

MLAPaperTemplate.tex and MLABibTemplate.bib attached.  Use "(\citeANP{key}
<pagenum>)" (you put the parens in) for appropriate MLA cites.
MLABibTemplate.bib has example citations.  MLAPaperTemplate.tex is
pretty dumb, but it has successfully gotten me a couple of A's.

Have fun.  I know I am.  :)

Virginia Beauregard

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%% bibtexfile{
%%	author		= "",
%%	version		= "1.0",
%%	date		= "",
%%	filename	= "MLABibTemplate.bib",
%%	email		= ""	}


	author		="{Aleksandrov, Grigori, dir.}",
	title		="Tsirk",
	note		="Perf. Lyubov Orlova.  1936.  Videocassette.",
	address		="Sarasota, FL",
	publisher	="Polart Distribution",
	year		=1994					}

	author		="Grimm, Jacob and Wilhelm",
	title		="Little Snow-White",
	booktitle	="Household Tales",
	publisher	="P.F. Collier \& Son",
	address		="New York",
	year		={1909--14},	
	editor		="Charles W. Eliot",
	series		="The Harvard Classics",
	volume		="17, Part 2"				}

	author		="{von Puttkamer}, Jesco",
	title		="Space: A Matter of Ethics---Toward a New Humanism",
	booktitle	="Science fiction and space futures: past and present",
	editor		="Eugene M. Emme",
	publisher	="American Astronautical Society",
	address		="San Diego, CA",
	year		=1982,
	pages		={293--211}				}

	author		="Wilde, Oscar",
	title		="A Wonderful Book About Nothing",
	publisher	="Big Publishing Co., Inc.",
	address		="New York, NY",
	year		=1999					}

	author		="Young, Jane M.",
	title		="Parables of the Space Age---The Idelogical Basis of Space Exploration",
	journal		="Western Folklore",
	volume		=46,
	number		=4,
	year		=1987,
	pages		={227--235},
	note		="Introduction"				}

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