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Fri Jan 18 00:52:35 EST 2002

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:34:33PM -0500, Noam Zeilberger wrote:

> > Handling block quotes is really
> > good too.  I'd love a copy.  Maybe others would as well?
> Actually, I've never really learned TeX, so the following is an old hack
> that I'd like to replace if someone has a better version:
> \renewenvironment{quote}
> {\list{}{\rightmargin\leftmargin}\relax\item\linespread{1.0}\em\em}
> {\vspace*{-8pt}\endlist{}}

Here's what I use:

	% Quote Environment
	{\unskip \end{list} \end{spacing}}

> > I'll have to have
> > a look at mla.sty.
> I've avoided it since expos.

Ah, yes.  The days when the TF worried about
useless things rather than content or looking
up common words in the dictionary that she
evidently didn't know.

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