*HCS* TeX template

Noam Zeilberger zeilberg at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Jan 17 23:34:33 EST 2002

On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 11:19:55PM -0500, Scott A. Golder wrote:
> On Thu, 17 Jan 2002, Noam Zeilberger wrote:
> :On Thu, Jan 17, 2002 at 09:33:18PM -0500, Scott A. Golder wrote:
> :> Hi, HCSers.  Does anyone happen to have a good LaTeX template for writing
> :> papers.  Like the kind you might use for a core paper or something.
> :What are you looking for beyond basic functionality?  For core papers (such
> :as the one I am "writing" right now) usually the only extra thing I need is
> :a single spaced quote environment.  mla.sty was useful back in the day.
> Basic functionality is all I really need.

Well, this is what one of my 12pt, 1.5-spaced papers would look like:

\input junk.sty  % mostly math symbols defined in here

\title{Witty Title}


Will this paper reach ten pages?  Well, why don't we let it run awhile
and check?  But what if it never stops??...

> Handling block quotes is really
> good too.  I'd love a copy.  Maybe others would as well?

Actually, I've never really learned TeX, so the following is an old hack
that I'd like to replace if someone has a better version:

> I'll have to have
> a look at mla.sty.

I've avoided it since expos.


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