*HCS* Because Dev said so,

dmolnar dmolnar at hcs.harvard.edu
Tue Dec 17 22:57:57 EST 2002

I have a short and sad story to tell.

The Super Team Semantic Force Psi!!! team is in the office, finishing up
our paper for tomorrow. Just hanging out. Tossing the ball, as it were.
	...well in fact, as it happened, tossing the O'Reilly puzzle ball
thingie back and forth.

I decided to fake out our new president, Cassia Martin, and tossed the
ball at her while I was not looking at her. She made a brave effort to
catch it. She failed. It bounced off her head and into the case of HCS.


oops. all's well now. but Dev insists that the incident be documented.


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