*HCS* (no subject)

Greg Westin westin at hcs.harvard.edu
Thu Dec 5 02:03:34 EST 2002

> Point is, some poorly done web
> interface is not a substitute.
> Also one of the common list
> managers (possibly ezmlm) seems
> to use the Unix From_ header
> rather than the envelope From:,
> which is very, very annoying.

If the point was that you're concerned about Mailman not using envelope From:,
you should have said so.  Don't whine about the lack of an e-mail interface if
both systems we use have perfectly functional e-mail interfaces.  And there's
no need to be rude when someone answers your questions.

> > > * Default to -not- sending stupid, annoying messages every month
> >
> >This can be changed in the Mailman configuration files, as can all of the list
> >defaults.
> If you have to change it, then it
> is not the default, is it?

That's ridiculous.  I hope you recognize it as such.  A list default is
different from a site default is different from a program default, and the
point is we can set the defaults for our site as we please.  Again, don't
whine about something as easily changed as a one-line edit in a file that's
well documented.


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