*HCS* Re: [HCS]announce for wk of 4/21/2002

David Holland dholland at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 22 16:08:12 EDT 2002

 > > Or maybe we could develop a web-based facebook.  That's easy, because
 > > there are no administrative hurdles. :)
 > Nonono.. HCS needs to get a few smart heads together to write a faster,
 > usable WebMail program for FAS. This off-the-shelf solution is cluttered
 > like a train station in Beijing at 9am on Monday morning and is about as
 > efficient.

The HCS had a mail-reader project at one time, you know. It was quite
a fiasco as well.

Personally, though, I think the community would be better served by a
decent web NNTP client.

   - David A. Holland / dholland at hcs.harvard.edu

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