*HCS* Re: [HCS]announce for wk of 4/21/2002

mike epstein mike at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Apr 22 04:33:43 EDT 2002

On Mon, Apr 22, 2002 at 01:10:05AM -0400, Ami Vora wrote:
> *************************************
> (2) Steering Meeting, 4-30-02
> *************************************
> That's right, another steering meeting.  Does the fun ever stop?  (For
> those of you playing along at home, the answer is "no".)  So, next next
> Tuesday, 7pm, HCS office, basement of Thayer.  We'll be talking about our
> top-secret events calendar, or what we hope will turn into a top-secret
> events calendar, among other things.
> *************************************

Heh.  Do you folks have any idea how many times the HCS has developed 
a web-based events calendar, only to have it fall into disuse? :)

(Perhaps writing a replacement for majordomo would be a good idea. ;-))


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