*HCS* galliard font?

myke cuthbert cuthbert at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Apr 17 23:55:41 EDT 2002

It's one of Matthew Carter's fonts for Adobe, q.v.,
It's related to Adobe Garamond, Aldus, and Minion.  The miniscule "a"
and the "x" are particularly distinctive.  The capitals seem a little
top heavy compared to related fonts.

I think somewhere there's another font called Galliard which is like
Adobe's Isabella Std but more decorative 
I think there's a font called "Robin Hood" which is similar.

Best, Myke

jooxbit at hotmail.com [ Feb 26 ]:
> hey guys,
> someone i know is looking for a font called GALLIARD and says he's not able 
> to find it on the web. any ideas?

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