*HCS* ACM Conference Invitation: October 13th and 14th (fwd)

Scott A. Golder golder at fas.harvard.edu
Sun Sep 23 22:32:25 EDT 2001

They have some really impressive speakers this year.  Anyone want to go?
Sending an HCS delegation would be fun.


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Date: Sun, 23 Sep 2001 21:25:49 -0500
From: Matt Cheney <mcheney at uiuc.edu>
To: mcheney at uiuc.edu
Subject: ACM Conference Invitation: October 13th and 14th

Dear Fellow ACM Chapter Chair or Sponsor:

	It is my pleasure, as chairperson of the 2001 ACM Reflections |
Projections Student Computing Conference, to extend to your school an
invitation to attend our seventh annual conference being held at the
University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign on October 13th and 14th. Two
aspects of conference you will find appealing:
	First, this year ACM proudly welcomes ten excellent speakers who
will be giving presentations on a variety of technical subjects.
Keynoting the event is Dr. Frederick P. Brooks, author of The Mythical
Man Month and winner of the 1999 Turing Award. Also speaking is John
Draper (aka "Captain Crunch") who not only developed the first word
processor for the PC but also has extensive knowledge of computer and
phone network security and Alexey Pajitnov who wrote Tetris and now does
cutting edge game design. For a list of speakers, panel discussions, and
programming workshops (updated regularly) check our webpage at
	Second, is our hardcore C++ coding competition called Mechmania
VII. This programming competition consists of teams of three individuals
who will battle it out to see who can create the best AI engine.  The
contest itself lasts 17 hours straight.  The object: guide your "mechs"
through a pre-designed scenario and blow apart your opponent before he
destroys you.  In the end, teams will battle it out in real time, and
the last one standing will be crowned the victor.  Of course, you will
be provided with plenty of food and sugary snacks to get you through the
many hours of coding and staring at computer screens.  Our lead software
engineers for this year's contest have been working countless hours to
bring you the best Mechmania ever.  If you are interested in
participating in this year's competition, please visit the website at
http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/conference/mechmania.html to register.
	Our conference committee has been working all year on this event
and really hopes your school will be able to attend our event. In years
past schools as far away as New York and North Dakota have come to
conference and loved every minute of it. In terms of logistics: we have
reserved a block of hotel rooms in the $50-65 per night price range
(quad rooms) and directions to get to Urbana-Champaign are online at
http://www.uiuc.edu/admin2/directions.html. We are charging no more than
$10.00 per person (includes 5-6 meals and admission to all events, most
likely a t-shirt as well). However, we can wave per person charges if
you incur large travel expenses or bring large amounts of people.
	Any questions, email me at mcheney at uiuc.edu or check our website
at http://www.acm.uiuc.edu/conference.

Matt Cheney, 2001 Reflections | Projections Conference Chairperson

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