*HCS* DDR event?

eva holtz :) eholtz at fas.harvard.edu
Sat Sep 15 20:23:09 EDT 2001

Very marginally related to computers, but...

How much interest would there be in an HCS outing to play Dance Dance
Revolution? For those of you who don't know, it's an addictive video game
where you step on 4 floor-mounted arrows in time to the music--it's
choreographed stomping or dancing, depending on how much flair you have.
Like track and field for the powerpad, except dancing.

Anyone interested? There's an arcade right by Fenway, so T'ing to Kenmore
is quite convenient.

www.fas.harvard.edu/~eholtz * AIM: niftyfrito * 617-448-3821
Holmes 308 * 289 Pforzheimer Mail Center, Cambridge MA 02138

Today at school they gave me a dress-code violation.
Well, I'm gonna start giving my teachers fashion violations.

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