*HCS* What I Did On My Summer Vacation...

veej beaureg at hcs.harvard.edu
Wed Aug 8 12:22:39 EDT 2001

On Wed, Aug 08, 2001 at 12:43:11AM -0400, Scott A. Golder wrote:
> I'm sure others are too:  What did you do this summer?  Interesting
> internship or travel plans?  Share your experience with the HCS.

I'll bite.

I neglected to get my summer plans in order back in January, like I
should have, and was left fighting through this awful job market in May.

I've been working for Phillips Brooks House doing my standard sysadmin
routine, which has provided almost excruciatingly dull, as I should've
expected it would, since I left the sysadmin world in December 2000
because I was bored out of my gourd.  However, it has been very nice to
reconnect with some Harvard faces, since I spent most of last semester
walking through an anonymous fog of people I don't know and people I
used to know but can't say that I do anymore.  It has also been,
<cough>, "nice" to get to work in an NT environment, but merely for the
resume and ego padding.

When not working, I've been sitting on the couch stressing about
financial aid and moving, and playing with my sexy new iBook (which
makes an annoying and slightly worrisome creaking when you open the
display in humid weather... Has anyone had this problem? Would sewing
machine oil (or similar) be a safe lubricant?  I suppose I should just
call Apple).

I went on vacation to an old family spot with my parents and my partner:
Isle au Haut.  It's a remote island in the waters southwest of Deer
Isle/Stonington, Maine.  You take the mail-boat out to the island and
tent in a lean-to for a few nights.  We hiked to the southern tip of the
island and then got stuck on a rock off the island when the tide came
in, and had to wade through a couple feet of cold water and lots of
barnacles to get back.  My dad and I hiked to the top of Duck Mountain
and then on the way back got caught in a thunderstorm about a half of a
mile from the campsite.  There was a lot of ice storm damage on the
island, especially knocking down the dead trees on the coast that used
to have lobster traps and trash hung from them; I hope they can clean up
the downed, dead trees before a lightning storm hits, because the island
could easily become engulfed in flames with all that fuel lying on the
ground.  I wore the same pair of hiking boots I wore the last time I was
there, 10 years ago, thus proving just how rugged L.L.Bean equipment is.
On the drive back from the island we stopped at the Maine State Prison
store and bought a chopping block "made by inmates."

I hope I'm not the only one who responds to this thread.


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