*HCS* Napster

Matt MacInnis macinnis at fas.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 16 23:09:23 EDT 2000

> Imagine if your email was incorrect as often as the Crimson is.

"Incorrect" email. As in, the ones you're sending?

> Imagine if your MP3 downloads were corrupted as often as a Crimson article
> is.

"Corrupted." As in, the writer has ulterior motives? Let me see if I can
arrange that for you.

> Imagine if HASCS nuked all of our archives and had forgotten to back up.

Imagine if someone maliciously destroyed your archives because they had been
mistreated in a political election.

> Imagine if the network were only available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
> Fridays during reading period.

Imagine if the Crimson were not student run. Then it wouldn't worry about
passing courses.

Let's end this thread before it gets even stupider and more inane. (But I
bet I won't have the last word.. some people really need to have it.)


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