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Mon Oct 16 18:04:15 EDT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, Rick Osterberg wrote:

> > If the Crimson failed to publish an issue (hasn't happened in this century)
> > as often as the network goes down, we'd probably have given up and become a
> > weekly.
> This is of course because the Crimson is the "University Daily*".
> * We publish every day, except when we don't feel like it, like Sundays,
> or reading period, or the summer, or winter break, and any other time we
> don't feel like being around even though the rest of the world keeps
> moving forward..
> Imagine if your email was incorrect as often as the Crimson is.
> Imagine if your MP3 downloads were corrupted as often as a Crimson article
> is.
> Imagine if HASCS nuked all of our archives and had forgotten to back up.
> Imagine if carrots really were that dangerous to computers.
> Imagine if the network were only available on Mondays, Wednesdays, and
> Fridays during reading period.

Imagine if the network were also not available on saturday's.
Imagine if somebody at HASCS deleted files without a backup and then
decided that the solution was to use NT because unix was broken.

This is fun :)

The solution is to just put all your data on netapps.

I'm a corporate whore!


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