*HCS* Fishbowl + Least-Sucky-Linux Distro

William K. Josephson wkj at acm.org
Mon Oct 16 15:04:05 EDT 2000

On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 01:14:14PM -0400, veej wrote:

> Linux client-side NFS will become markedly better with 2.2.18, as Alan has
> pulled in the patches that Dave Higgen, H.J. Lu, and others from VALinux,
> along with Trond Myklebust, Neil Brown, and more have been working on for
> the past year or so.  There is also a set of server-side patches which
> have not currently been slated for inclusion in 2.2.18, but probably will
> be included.

We might pester you for the patches :-) That said, the volume of NFS
traffic per client is miniscule since most people don't do much I/O to
the NFS server.


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