*HCS* Fishbowl + Least-Sucky-Linux Distroyy

veej beaureg at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 16 13:14:14 EDT 2000

On Mon, 16 Oct 2000, William K. Josephson wrote:

> Linux NFS does work, it is, however, rather broken.  As a small client
> implementation, it is fine, however.  On those grounds, there's no
> reason to use BSD.

Linux client-side NFS will become markedly better with 2.2.18, as Alan has
pulled in the patches that Dave Higgen, H.J. Lu, and others from VALinux,
along with Trond Myklebust, Neil Brown, and more have been working on for
the past year or so.  There is also a set of server-side patches which
have not currently been slated for inclusion in 2.2.18, but probably will
be included.

That said, I can provide 2.2.16 kernels with all these patches applied
(and the appropriate versions of mount and nfs-utils) if you want to stick
with Linux on the client side.  I can make 2.2.17 kernels if wanted; I
just don't have them on hand.


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