*HCS* Fishbowl + Least-Sucky-Linux Distroy

Chris Palmer palmer at azuen.net
Mon Oct 16 10:16:15 EDT 2000

>On Mon, Oct 16, 2000 at 02:21:33AM -0400, Brendan Connell wrote:
>>  On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, Chris Palmer wrote:
>>  > Why not FreeBSD?  that's what aerator runs, and it's NFS isn't broken,
>>  > among other things.
>  > Uh-oh... did somebody say the "B-word" again??

Heh.  Well, in this case it means "Does not work" so I feel justified.

>  > But yeah, FreeBSD sounds like it's worth considering.  Or OpenBSD, even--
>>  then, maybe the fishbowl wouldn't get HaX0red by 3133+ m1ddLe Sk00l
>>  KiDDeeZ every week...
>We don't want OpenBSD, I don't think.  We also don't want RedHat :-)

Both are true.  For one, FreeBSD has linux binary compatibility, 
which means you
can still have StarOffice on them, among other things.  As far as I 
know, OpenBSD
has this not.


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