*HCS* Napster

Matt MacInnis macinnis at fas.harvard.edu
Wed Oct 4 00:01:52 EDT 2000

I'm not a lawyer either, but I've been involved in some of the Crimson's
reporting on the issue...

The RIAA sued Yale, and could very well sue Harvard. What is interesting is
that administrators at Harvard choke up when you re-read them their quotes
from the spring where they said "we would never and will never" ban Napster.

One of the Crimson reporters read back Dean Lewis' statements to him and he
replied, "I would never have said that. I never said that." He did. And he
knows it. I have a hard time believing that, in the face of his previous
parlance, he could ever go back without a hefty legal battle.

So my feeling is that it doesn't matter who sues Harvard--RIAA, Napster,
Madonna, or President Gore (hehe)--they will fight it to the bitter end, not
for the rights of Harvard students, but so that they don't look bad.


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