*HCS* Final Call for Ignitaries!

David Holland dholland at hcs.harvard.edu
Mon Oct 2 17:54:58 EDT 2000

 > > That article is no more valid now than it was the last four or five
 > > times we went around on this.

To be specific, most of the things it cites are implementation defects
(eg, if you add Reply-To: pointing to the list, any existing reply-to
header should be promoted to From:) and it's also less than perfectly
aware of how mail clients actually work.

 > Well, I did say it was a standard flamewar topic.  I don't remember seeing
 > it on hcs-discuss in the past couple years... but obviously I'm not a fogy
 > like you.  :)

This is true. Actually, I don't remember precisely what the last time
this came up was, but I don't think it was all that long ago.

 > > And please don't troll on hcs-discuss.
 > I'm sure YOU'd never dream of doing that.  =)  

Of course not. 

 > Anyway, isn't trolling what hcs-discuss is meant for?

I hear Emacs is a nice editor.  :-)


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